•  Loudspeakers
  •  Two Wireless Microphones
  •  QSC KW181 Subwoofer
  •  Premium Dance Lights
  •  Disc Jockey
  • Diamond

    •  Loudspeakers
    •  Two Wireless Microphones
    •  QSC KW181 Subwoofer
    •  Premium Dance Lights
    •  Disc Jockey
    •  Multilingual Master of Ceremonies
    • ADD ONS

      • Photo Booth
      • Thank you photos/Front Entrance Photos
      • Lion Dancing
      • One Man Band
      • Karaoke System w/ 5,000 English and Vietnamese songs
      • Singers
      • Projector and Screen
      • Two Extra Wireless
      • Microphones
      • Dance Monogram/Gobo

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Leading up to your event, you will have direct phone and email contact with your DJ and MC.

      We will come dressed to blend in with your guest (usually a suit and tie).

      We can provide music and sound for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.

      We usually take about one hour to one and a half hours to completely be done with our set up and sound check.

      We will definitely work with you and take your requests for the types of music that will be played at your event!

      We have a massive music library that covers all decades and genres.

      To ensure the success and smoothness of your event, back-up sound systems, back-up microphones, and back-up laptops are always on site.

      We usually travel to gigs with at least three people – an MC, DJ, and a sound technician to ensure high quality sound system results.