What to Wear to a Vietnamese Wedding: A Guide to Celebrating in Style

Bride wearing an Ao Dai

Vietnamese weddings are a beautiful tapestry of vibrant traditions, deep cultural roots, and unique experiences, celebrated with great enthusiasm and reverence. If you’re invited to such a wedding, understanding the cultural expectations and fashion norms is essential to ensure you dress appropriately, respecting both traditional and modern aspects of the celebration. This guide is designed to navigate you through what to wear to a Vietnamese wedding, taking into account the various ceremonies that may be part of the day.

Understanding the Occasion

Vietnamese weddings beautifully intertwine traditional ceremonies with modern celebrations. The attire for these events can vary widely, especially considering the location (Vietnam or abroad) and the cultural elements integrated into the wedding. It’s crucial to understand the wedding’s setting and format—be it a traditional ceremony, a reception, or a mix—to choose your outfit accordingly.

Traditional Vietnamese Wedding Attire

During traditional ceremonies, you might see the bride and groom adorned in the áo dài, the elegant Vietnamese national costume. Women’s áo dài is a long silk tunic with side slits, worn over pants, while men’s versions are simpler yet equally refined. Guests are often encouraged to wear áo dài to honor the tradition.

  • Women: An áo dài signifies respect for Vietnamese culture. Opt for soft colors and simple patterns for daytime and brighter, intricate designs for evening events. Complement with modest heels and jewelry.
  • Men: Men may also wear an áo dài or choose a suit or traditional attire that reflects their culture, respecting the event’s formality.

Modern Vietnamese Wedding Attire

Modern Vietnamese weddings might not require traditional dress, allowing guests to opt for Western wedding attire while thoughtfully incorporating Vietnamese cultural elements.

  • Women: A formal or cocktail dress is suitable, with color and fabric choices adjusted for the event’s time. Avoid white to not overshadow the bride.
  • Men: Standard attire includes a suit and tie, with color choices varying from light for daytime to darker for evening events. Ensure your outfit is well-fitted and paired with appropriate shoes.

The Tea Ceremony and Religious Ceremonies

Vietnamese weddings often start with a tea ceremony in the morning, a time when wearing an áo dài is most fitting. This ceremony is a significant part of the day, focusing on family and tradition. For guests attending a Catholic mass or a Buddhist ceremony as part of the wedding, the same attire can be worn throughout the day. While outfit changes are not typically necessary for guests, the tea ceremony presents a perfect opportunity to don traditional Vietnamese attire.

Buddhist Ceremonies

In Buddhist Vietnamese weddings, similar respect for tradition is observed. The serene and reflective nature of these ceremonies calls for modest, respectful attire, with an áo dài being a highly appropriate choice for both men and women.

Finding the Perfect Áo Dài

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tons of Áo dài
áo dài on áo dài


Attending a Vietnamese wedding is a privilege that allows you to partake in the joy and beauty of love, culture, and tradition. Whether you opt for a traditional áo dài or a more modern ensemble, dressing appropriately for each part of the wedding—be it the tea ceremony, religious ceremonies, or the reception—is essential. By considering the ceremony type, location, and cultural expectations, you can choose an outfit that honors the couple’s heritage and allows you to celebrate their special day with confidence and style.

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